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This page updated January 28, 2015.

  • K7QO Lab Notebook V6.03 January 30, 2015. See below to see what chapter(s) was/were modified.

    BTW, This is work in progress, thus some sections are not complete yet, but if I waited until I finished the book would never appear. :-) Enjoy.

    OK. Good news for those of you beating on me because the work has gotten too big. I have 50Mbps, so I don't care how large files get, but I do understand for some that ability isn't easy to get or too expensive. SO, here are the chapters broken out individually and I will keep a date and version number by each as I change them.

    What this means, until I put the book back together, page numbering will get out of sync. You can't have your cake and eat it too and I hate books with pages numbered by chapter. Here we go.

  • K7QO Lab Notebook Chapters 1-3. 6.00 Jan 26, 2015. Intro, Photography and Tools.
  • K7QO Lab Notebook Chapter 4. 6.00 Jan 26, 2015. New Lab.
  • K7QO Lab Notebook Chapter 5. 6.00 Jan 26, 2015. The MUPPET Show.
  • K7QO Lab Notebook Chapter 6. 6.00 Jan 26, 2015. THe Quartz Crystal Unit.

  • K7QO Lab Notebook Chapter 7. 6.03 Jan 30, 2015. G3UUR Crystal Parameter Fixture.

    Added schematic for ESR fixture and plotted sweep of crystal with SPICE simulation. Jan 30, 2015.

  • K7QO Lab Notebook Chapter 8. 6.02 Jan 28, 2015. Simple Crystal Oscillators.
  • K7QO muppet 001 PDF. 6.01 Jan 27, 2015. Muppet 001 PDF 1:1 image ready to print and do toner transfer with LASER printout.
  • K7QO muppet 001 ExpressPCB. 6.01 Jan 27, 2015. Muppet 001 ExpressPCB file for loading into ExpressPCB to modify, if so desired.

  • K7QO--0004 PDF. 6.01 Jan 27, 2015. Second Colpitts: PDF 1:1 image ready to print and do toner transfer with LASER printout.
  • K7QO--0004 ExpressPCB. 6.01 Jan 27, 2015. ExpressPCB file for ExpressPCB.

  • K7QO Lab Notebook Chapter 9. 6.00 Jan 26, 2015. Crystal Matching and Crystal Filters.
  • K7QO Lab Notebook Chapter 10. 6.00 Jan 26, 2015. The Shear.
  • K7QO Lab Notebook Chapter 11. 6.00 Jan 26, 2015. Enclosures made from PCB Material.
  • K7QO Lab Notebook Chapter 12. 6.00 Jan 26, 2015. DMM Impedance Measurements.
  • K7QO Lab Notebook Chapter 13. 6.00 Jan 26, 2015. DMM Calibration.
  • K7QO Lab Notebook Chapter 14. 6.00 Jan 26, 2015. RF Measurement Techniques.
  • K7QO Lab Notebook Chapter 15. 6.00 Jan 26, 2015. Measurements.
  • K7QO Lab Notebook Chapter 16. 6.00 Jan 26, 2015. Varactor Diode Characteristics.
  • K7QO Lab Notebook Chapter 17. 6.00 Jan 26, 2015. Regen Receivers.
  • K7QO Lab Notebook Chapter 18. 6.00 Jan 26, 2015. Crystal Frequencies.
  • K7QO Lab Notebook Chapter 19. 6.00 Jan 26, 2015. AADE Toroid Measurements.
  • K7QO Lab Notebook Chapter 20. 6.00 Jan 26, 2015. VXO Experiment.
  • K7QO Lab Notebook Chapter 21. 6.00 Jan 26, 2015. NE4040.
  • K7QO Lab Notebook Chapter 22. 6.00 Jan 26, 2015. The Inductor.
  • K7QO Lab Notebook Chapter 23. 6.00 Jan 26, 2015. 40/20m Transceiver.
  • K7QO Lab Notebook Chapter 24. 6.00 Jan 26, 2015. Manhattan Style Construction.
  • K7QO Lab Notebook Chapter 25. 6.00 Jan 26, 2015. The Ugly Weekender II.
  • K7QO Lab Notebook Chapter 26. 6.00 Jan 26, 2015. Why Krylon on boards?
  • K7QO Lab Notebook Chapter 27. 6.00 Jan 26, 2015. AWG Wire Table.

    K7QO Code Course Version 3.0

    Here is a copy of my code course in ZIP format, thus it can be downloaded and unzipped on any operating system known to man. This is the same course distributed by The FISTS CW Club, http://www.fists.org/ and placed here for those that want instant access. But do feel free to spend the buck or two and get the CD from the club. Helps them out and I don't get a dime for the distribution.

    The file is large at about 241MB, but you do NETFLIX and download other large files, so this should not be a problem.

  • K7QO Code Course Version 3.0 .
  • K7QO Code Course answers directory.

    K7QO Books on CDs

  • K7QO Morse Code book 'Dorothy and the Wizard in OZ' at 20wpm.
  • K7QO Morse Code book 'Dorothy and the Wizard in OZ' at 45wpm.
  • K7QO Morse Code book 'Time Machine' at 30wpm.

    Here is a book at a slower speed, 15WPM. This thing is over 630MB in size, because even with MP3 encoding it is a long time to listen to audio. Hopefully you give up on it after a day or two and go to a higher speed. Life is too short for QRS. :-)

  • K7QO Morse Code book 'Desert Gold by Zane Grey' at 15wpm.

    Flying Pig Video Productions

    The following is an attempt by yours truly to produce a set of video tutorials on PCB fabrication and the muppet board technique. Enjoy. I'm interested in hints before these go public on youtube. I'd hate to look like an idiot more than I do now.

    OK, there was a problem, but I now have it fixed. Files coming back today, November 18th.

  • Printed Circuit Board Muppet Tutorial: Part 1. Youtube video.
  • Printed Circuit Board Muppet Tutorial: Part 2. Youtube video.
  • Printed Circuit Board Muppet Tutorial: Part 3. Youtube video.
  • Printed Circuit Board Muppet Tutorial: Part 4. Youtube video.
  • Printed Circuit Board Muppet Tutorial: Part 5. Youtube video.
  • Printed Circuit Board Muppet Tutorial: Part 6. Youtube video.
  • Printed Circuit Board Muppet Tutorial: Part 7. Youtube video.
  • Printed Circuit Board Muppet Tutorial: Part 8. Youtube video.
  • Printed Circuit Board Muppet Tutorial: Part 9. Youtube video.
  • Printed Circuit Board Muppet Tutorial: Part 10. Youtube video.
  • Printed Circuit Board Muppet Tutorial: Part 10.5 Update to part 10.
  • Printed Circuit Board Muppet Tutorial: Part 11. regen-001 project.
  • Printed Circuit Board Muppet Tutorial: Part 12. regen-001 project (continued).

    Here is an experiment. Video is of one of the Chinese 8-digit 7-segment LED display frequency counters that sell for around $13 US. Frequency Counter on ebay. This is an experiment in video. This is the MP4 file from the Kodak HD camera that I use. This is a file as it comes from the camera without editing. See if you can look at it. I can play it using mplayer in linux without any problems. Microsoft may have problems with their app.

  • Frequency Counter Demo by K7QO.

    The K7QO MUPPET Show 2014

    The following photographs are from projects completed in the last year using the MUPPET board technique as described in my lab notebook available at the top of this page in PDF format. These photographs are presented without comment and description for now until such time as I can write them up and put them in the notebook. It is easier to build something than to write it up. :-) I am not getting paid to do this, so be patient or better yet go and do some projects yourself. A number of the photographs have a part of a project up close and personal for you to get some ideas of your own. Enjoy.

  • 2500 G3UUR crystal paramter measurement fixture. PCB with PTH parts.
  • 2549 Beginning assembly of NA5N regen receiver.
  • 2551 Portion of regen muppet board showing building progress.
  • 2552 NA5N, Paul Harden's regen receiver the Desert Ratt 2.
  • 2553 Assembled NA5N regen receiver. Coil plugin on left hand side in photo.
  • 2554 Another view of the NA5N regen receiver muppet board.
  • 2555 Yet another view.
  • 2556 Closeup of K7QO plugin system to allow band change with different coil forms.
  • 2557 NA5N regen receiver
  • 2558 Plugin experimental band fixture for regen receiver experiment.
  • 2559 band plugin modules for NA5N regen receiver
  • 2560 how plugin modules work
  • 2563 LC100A Chinese LC meter from ebay with fixture.
  • 2564 LC-100A LC meter from China with 1% 102.0pF mono cap in K7QO fixture.
  • 2565 SMD 1206 resistor pack from China. Was supposed be a capacitor assortment.
  • 2566 K7QO-K8IQY crystal test fixture (CTF). Modified with JFET/BJT amp by K7QO.
  • 2567 WWV Direct Conversion receiver experiment fixture.
  • 2568 10MHz WWV direct conversion receiver.
  • 2569 Crystal ESR fixture for measuring R_s of crystals. From ARRL Handbook 2010.
  • 2570 Colpitts crystal oscillator.
  • 2571 K7QO dual transistor Pierce oscillator crystal oscillator.
  • 2572 Colpitts crystal oscillator.
  • 2573 G3UUR crystal parameter board.
  • 2574 JFET VXO experimental setup.
  • 2575 ESR crystal fixture.
  • 2576 Accuprobe RF probe.
  • 2578 Another J310 VXO experiment.
  • 2579 40m direct conversion receiver from EMRFD by Wes, W7ZOI.
  • 2580 Crystal VXO experiment with J310 JFET.
  • 2581 Anther VXO. By now you would think I should know all there is to know about VXOs. :-)
  • 2582 Twin-T audio oscillator and keying for code practice oscillator for students in code course.
  • 2583 VE3DNL-K7QO autodyne receiver for frequency counter calibration.
  • 2584 10MHz direct conversion receiver.
  • 2585 MRX-40A direct conversion receiver for 40 meters.
  • 2586 Code practice oscillator using Microchip 12F508 uP.
  • 2587 N1TEV, Charles Kitchen regen receiver using air variable.
  • 2588 Desert Ratt 2, NA5N, Paul Harden regen receiver.
  • 2589 N1TEV, Kitchen regen receiver with air variable.
  • 2592 Chinese ebay solder spool holder. Works great. About $13, but see next photo.
  • 2594 Delcas solder spool holder on ebay. About $6.72 and shipped in the USofA. Sturdy puppy.
  • 2595 VE3DNL code practice oscillator using 12F509. Nice tone.
  • 2596 Audio code practice oscillator for code course.
  • 2597 Test board for muppet layout training exercise in lab notebook.
  • 2598 Code practice oscillator to be followed by op amp audio bandpass filter.
  • 2599 EMRFD Fig 1-9 40m direct conversion receiver.
  • 2600 40m direct conversion reciver with PCB front panel.
  • 2601 Pierce crystal oscillator.
  • 2602 High input impedance low capacitance JFET/BJT RF amplifier.
  • 2603 RF broadband amplifier using video amplifier IC chip.
  • 2604 K1EL K9 keyer chip test fixture. )(*)(*)(* to the )*)(*)*( who stole the code and made Steve take it off the internet.
  • 2605 VXO test circuit. Can't have too many of these, obviously. :-)
  • 2606 Crystal oscillator. Colpitts.
  • 2607 Another code practice oscillator. I built up a number of these for students in a code course I did.
  • 2608 PIC board for beginning programmers. Learn to turn on one or more LEDs and generate sequences.
  • 2609 Crystal oscillator. One of N, where N is large.
  • 2610 JFET parameter test fixture.
  • 2611 Another JFET parameter test fixture.
  • 2612 VXO using MPF102 JFET.
  • 2613 Simpler RD probe using single 1N34A Ge diode.
  • 2614 RF noise generator.
  • 2615 K1EL K9 keyer.

    My email address is the usual hiding from Internet bots.

    chuck dot adams dot k7qo at gmail dot com