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This page updated March 15, 2014.

This will take a bit longer to download. Added a lot of photographs and added chapter on Manhattan construction, which is a complete rewrite of the old Manhattan article found numerous places on the Internet. Be patient.

  • K7QO lab notebook. Version 4.20 as of March 15, 2014.

  • K7QO muppet board Figure 4.11 in lab notebook.
  • K7QO muppet board Figure 5.3 in lab notebook.

    K7QO Code Course Version 3.0

    Here is a copy of my code course in ZIP format, thus it can be downloaded and unzipped on any operating system known to man. OK, maybe. Too many people do not know what an ISO format file is.

    The file is large at about 241MB, but you do NETFLIX and download other large files, so this should not be a problem.

  • K7QO Code Course Version 3.0 .
  • K7QO Code Course answers directory.

  • K7QO MFJ-564B Video This video I did for demo to send with a dual lever paddle using the MFJ-564B.

    NorCal QRPp Journal

    I scanned in every issue of the QRPp Journal, the official journal produced by Doug Hendricks, KI6DS for 11 years. The copies were given to the NorCal Club for permanent storage on the web. I had checked and they were missing, so here they are again.

  • NorCal QRPp Journal (11 volumes in .zip format.

    My email address is the usual hiding from Internet bots.

    chuck dot adams dot k7qo at gmail dot com